Enjoying summer break


Jorden has been enjoying his summer, it is crazy to think that we are already four weeks into summer break.
In June he and Joanne had a great time visiting family in New Jersey. It was really nice to spend time with our cousins, and now we are enjoying a few casual weeks at home. On the 26th of this month Jorden, Derrick, Alondra and Joanne head to Houston. Jorden is looking forward to working again with both Jason and Mrs. Carrabba starting on the 27th. We also plan to take in a few baseball games and stop in to see Dr. Hayes Jordan (just to say Hi), while there too.
In August Jorden and Nelson will fly to New York City for a few days to see the Drake concert at Madison Square Garden.
Jorden then starts high school on August 15th.
We continue to give thanks for his health, and are so grateful that he can enjoy his summer, and everyday life, without worry.
Our constant love and prayers go out to Coach John as he continues his “journey”.

Enjoying the Moments


Jorden has been feeling well, and has been able to enjoy all of the things he was looking forward to.
On Thursday we marked a milestone – two years from his last surgery, this Friday, he and his classmates enjoyed Gradventure at Universal Studios and on Saturday he took part in Runway to Hope.
Yesterday we went shopping to prepare for his upcoming 8th grade dance and on Tuesday May 31st we mark the 4th anniversary of his big successful surgery in Houston where they removed 280 tumors.
Jorden graduates on June 8th, and then he and Joanne look forward to a trip to New Jersey to celebrate grandma Josephine’s birthday and time with family.
As we celebrate all of these moments our constant thoughts and prayers go out to Coach John, who is now in his own journey and fight.
Jorden’s next PET/CT scan is scheduled for October.

All is well


Jorden feels well and is doing well. It is hard to believe that he has only 6 weeks left of middle school. And High School is just around the corner.
We met yesterday with Dr. Sutphin. It was a very positive visit. Because of all of the imaging in March, and the fact that Jorden is over 3 years in remission, we will not need to scan again until October.
Also in October, along with the PET/CT, they will do a series of tests to again check his heart, hearing, skin, etc., anything the radiation and chemo might at some point effect.
We are not going to let our minds even entertain those what ifs, we are just moving forward with our milestones and daily celebrations.
* May 19th, two years since his last surgery.
* May 20th, he will celebrate with his 8th grade class at Universal’s Gradventure.
* May 21st, Jorden will walk in the Runway for Hope.
* May 31st, 4 years since his big surgery in Houston. Yes, 4 years!
All is definitely Well!

Things are looking up


Although Jorden was home from school today for a regular cold and sore throat, his stomach is feeling better. He missed school all of last week because of stomach issues, but was able to return on Monday.
We hope that he continues to improve and feel well, and we look forward to all the good things coming up this Spring –
Gradventure on May 20th, Runway to Hope on May 21st, 8th grade graduation in June.
Jorden will also celebrate two years since his last adhesion surgery on May 19th, and this May 31st marks his four year anniversary of his big surgery in Houston.
Jorden has not yet returned to baseball, we know that he will soon once he feels 100% again.
Thank you for always thinking of us and praying for Jorden’s health.

A lot of things to look forward to


Jorden had a nice weekend. On Sunday he, Princeton and many other pediatric cancer survivors were at Bloomingdales picking out their outfits for their Runway for Hope walk on May 21st. This will be Jorden’s first year participating in this great event.
On March 14th we drove to Viera where we took part in the annual St. Baldrick Event, another pediatric cancer fundraiser. Jorden, Princeton and other kids helped shave Dr. Sutphin’s head. The goal of course was to raise money to support research and new treatment options for kids with cancer.

Jorden is looking forward to enjoying these last two months at school with his friends, and gradventure night at Universal on May 20th.
Unfortunately he has not been in school this week. His stomach has been bothering him, and we are trying our best to decompress at home to avoid a hospital visit. His stomach hurts. His back hurts today. But he is not in that excruciating pain that requires the hospital stay. We are hopeful we can manage this.

As uncomfortable as this all is, knowing that he remains in remission and cancer free is amazing. This May 31st will be the four year anniversary of his big surgery. We thank God each day for his life and overall great health.

Scan is what they expected


Jorden’s scan results confirmed that he has adhesions and thickened tissue in the duodenum.
Confirmed no new tumor, or anything else concerning.
We will go back to day to day life, no surgery needed.
I asked if this happened again, would they go straight to surgery, they said no. They would try to resolve just like this time and avoid surgery at all costs.
Jorden is looking forward to seeing Batman tonight, and enjoying these few days before school starts back on Monday.
We are just excited to be home!
Happy Easter to All!

Scanning now


Jorden is in the process of his scan. As soon as he is finished, we are heading home!
The surgeons and GI doctors are thrilled with his progress, so no need to keep us.
They will call tomorrow with the results.
Thank you for being with us on our journey!!
No words can express our appreciation for all of your prayers and well wishes!

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