quick update


2017 is starting off well. Jorden had his tests on Monday, and all is fine, normal and healthy.
He doesn’t have anything again until June, when he has routine abdominal CT’s on June 16th.
We are enjoying the quiet start of the new year, and are excited for the complete recovery of Coach John, who joins “Team Cancer Free”.
Continued Blessings and good health for All!

The New Year


Jorden is enjoying the Christmas break, and has so much to look forward to this new year.
For starters, he and his friends will be together for a New Year’s Eve party, and then he will spend January 1st with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Hassan.
School resumes on January 4th.

On Monday January 16th, Jorden will have an Echo Doppler, EKG, and a few other tests. This will become an annual thing; as Dr. Sutphin so graciously reminded us that Jorden has the potential to develop heart and pulmonary issues from the chemo. We know that Jorden is fine, and will continue to be fine, and it is extremely unfortunate that he needs to hear these words, because God has a plan for him – and He did not get him through this ordeal to develop heart or lung issues now.

Jorden, I think is very excited for January 27th, his 15th birthday. He is looking forward to missing school, and getting his driver’s permit. On the 29th, he will go to the Pro Bowl with his brother, Derrick. And on January 30th, we celebrate his official 4 years of being in remission.

Happy New Years to All! We appreciate your ongoing prayers for Jorden, as he marches strong, moving forward each day on his life’s journey.

Celebrating Life, 5 years later


December 21st is the 5 year anniversary of Jorden’s diagnosis. Today, Nelson and I took him for his check up with Dr. Sutphin, his local oncologist and Laura, the long term care nurse. As expected they are thrilled with his progress, and ordered the usual annual tests. He will have to have an EKG and other cardio tests now, a CT scan in June and a PET/CT in Nov/Dec.
As this week approached, I had so many emotions and thoughts. Yes, this was the toughest five years of our lives, but as I look back, the memories flashing are that of amazing people, incredible moments, and positive experiences.
No parent wants their child to suffer, but it has to be acknowledged, our lives are truly Blessed.
Yesterday I should have been Christmas prepping or shopping, but I had this need to take a moment, and go to the movies. I drove to the theater, had no idea what was out, and started reading though the listing. Collateral Beauty was about to start. I asked the ticket person what it was about, she said she had no idea, but there was a paper on the wall that explained the movies. I decided to buy the ticket, and just go in. As I sat waiting for the movie to start, I thought about leaving, and getting the needed shopping done, but again, felt a compelling need to stay.
They say that movies resonate with you when you feel the emotional connection to the character or situation. Well, I was meant to be in that movie, in that moment. I was actually feeling a little guilty thinking about how Jorden’s illness has had so many positive outcomes, and as I watched this movie, and they spoke about the collateral beauty, it made sense. Yes, bad things happen, but if we actually take pause, and appreciate the beauty, as opposed to the damage, we get to move forward.
I want to thank everyone for being part of the beauty of our journey.
Merry, merry Christmas, and God’s Blessings for the New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving


We are thankful for all of our family and friends.
We are thankful for Jorden’s full recovery and health.
We are thankful for our daily Hope and Blessings.
We are thankful for our happiness.
We are thankful everyday!!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Clear scans, head to toe!


Jorden remains cancer free!!
No evidence of disease!
Our thanks to everyone for always praying!
Our thanks to God for always answering!
We can not be more humbled, or grateful!



Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes, words of encouragement and Prayers. We hope to get a call tonight from Dr. Sutphin, but realistically expect to have the PET/CT results tomorrow morning.
Jorden is drinking tons of water to flush out the contrast – and we are home, resting and just waiting.
We look forward to sharing the Great news soon!

Scans on Monday


I hope that everyone is healthy and had an amazing summer and start of Fall. Jorden has been doing very well. He enjoyed his summer trips to NJ, Houston and New York and started High School on August 15th. He has already attended the Homecoming Dance and enjoys going with his friends to the High School Football games and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.
He did not try out for the HS baseball team: he said that he wants to wait at least a year before playing ball again. The pain of an intestinal issue is too fresh and he is hoping that time will continue to heal him so that he can be in the sun, playing ball, and not feel the cramping pain that he has so many times before.
We have Jorden’s PET/CT scheduled for this Monday at noon. Jorden has not been a 100% these last two weeks. We almost made an ER visit on Thursday the 22nd because of his stomach, and we did make a walk in clinic visit last week for an antibiotic for a bronchial cough. So I think with that going on, Jorden has been more concerned than normal, and said last night that he is worried about this upcoming scan. I have reassured him that he is strong, and healthy, and his perfect health will be the only thing that the imaging will show.
Please send extra prayers between 11am and 2pm on Monday, and let these tests confirm to Jorden how healthy and Blessed he is!

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