Jorden has had a nice start to 2017. He continues to do well in school, he continues to spend time with his friends, and he continues to enjoy remission.
Jorden has had some days where he does not feel well, but overall he is healthy and strong. Right now he is on spring break, and is excited to have only one marking period left to go until summer.

Jorden’s next CT scans are scheduled for June 16th.

As I reflect on this week, I smile knowing that on March 21st 2012 Jorden was approved for his big surgery. That was a huge day for us – he was denied for that same surgery weeks prior. March 21st will always be an important milestone on Jorden’s journey, because it marks the day Jorden got his chance to be cancer free.

March 21st is also special because it was my grandmother’s birthday. My grandmother passed away a few months before Jorden was diagnosed, and would be 100 years old today. She lived a humble, but amazing life; she was realistic while being inspiring, she was an important role model and a positive influence to all who knew her.

Jorden’s next milestones will be in May; May 19th, three years from his last surgery, and May 31st marks the fifth anniversary of his big surgery.
Big stuff!!

Continued prayers to Coach John as he moves forward each day on his journey.