Jorden is enjoying the Christmas break, and has so much to look forward to this new year.
For starters, he and his friends will be together for a New Year’s Eve party, and then he will spend January 1st with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Hassan.
School resumes on January 4th.

On Monday January 16th, Jorden will have an Echo Doppler, EKG, and a few other tests. This will become an annual thing; as Dr. Sutphin so graciously reminded us that Jorden has the potential to develop heart and pulmonary issues from the chemo. We know that Jorden is fine, and will continue to be fine, and it is extremely unfortunate that he needs to hear these words, because God has a plan for him – and He did not get him through this ordeal to develop heart or lung issues now.

Jorden, I think is very excited for January 27th, his 15th birthday. He is looking forward to missing school, and getting his driver’s permit. On the 29th, he will go to the Pro Bowl with his brother, Derrick. And on January 30th, we celebrate his official 4 years of being in remission.

Happy New Years to All! We appreciate your ongoing prayers for Jorden, as he marches strong, moving forward each day on his life’s journey.