December 21st is the 5 year anniversary of Jorden’s diagnosis. Today, Nelson and I took him for his check up with Dr. Sutphin, his local oncologist and Laura, the long term care nurse. As expected they are thrilled with his progress, and ordered the usual annual tests. He will have to have an EKG and other cardio tests now, a CT scan in June and a PET/CT in Nov/Dec.
As this week approached, I had so many emotions and thoughts. Yes, this was the toughest five years of our lives, but as I look back, the memories flashing are that of amazing people, incredible moments, and positive experiences.
No parent wants their child to suffer, but it has to be acknowledged, our lives are truly Blessed.
Yesterday I should have been Christmas prepping or shopping, but I had this need to take a moment, and go to the movies. I drove to the theater, had no idea what was out, and started reading though the listing. Collateral Beauty was about to start. I asked the ticket person what it was about, she said she had no idea, but there was a paper on the wall that explained the movies. I decided to buy the ticket, and just go in. As I sat waiting for the movie to start, I thought about leaving, and getting the needed shopping done, but again, felt a compelling need to stay.
They say that movies resonate with you when you feel the emotional connection to the character or situation. Well, I was meant to be in that movie, in that moment. I was actually feeling a little guilty thinking about how Jorden’s illness has had so many positive outcomes, and as I watched this movie, and they spoke about the collateral beauty, it made sense. Yes, bad things happen, but if we actually take pause, and appreciate the beauty, as opposed to the damage, we get to move forward.
I want to thank everyone for being part of the beauty of our journey.
Merry, merry Christmas, and God’s Blessings for the New Year!