I hope that everyone is healthy and had an amazing summer and start of Fall. Jorden has been doing very well. He enjoyed his summer trips to NJ, Houston and New York and started High School on August 15th. He has already attended the Homecoming Dance and enjoys going with his friends to the High School Football games and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.
He did not try out for the HS baseball team: he said that he wants to wait at least a year before playing ball again. The pain of an intestinal issue is too fresh and he is hoping that time will continue to heal him so that he can be in the sun, playing ball, and not feel the cramping pain that he has so many times before.
We have Jorden’s PET/CT scheduled for this Monday at noon. Jorden has not been a 100% these last two weeks. We almost made an ER visit on Thursday the 22nd because of his stomach, and we did make a walk in clinic visit last week for an antibiotic for a bronchial cough. So I think with that going on, Jorden has been more concerned than normal, and said last night that he is worried about this upcoming scan. I have reassured him that he is strong, and healthy, and his perfect health will be the only thing that the imaging will show.
Please send extra prayers between 11am and 2pm on Monday, and let these tests confirm to Jorden how healthy and Blessed he is!