Jorden has been enjoying his summer, it is crazy to think that we are already four weeks into summer break.
In June he and Joanne had a great time visiting family in New Jersey. It was really nice to spend time with our cousins, and now we are enjoying a few casual weeks at home. On the 26th of this month Jorden, Derrick, Alondra and Joanne head to Houston. Jorden is looking forward to working again with both Jason and Mrs. Carrabba starting on the 27th. We also plan to take in a few baseball games and stop in to see Dr. Hayes Jordan (just to say Hi), while there too.
In August Jorden and Nelson will fly to New York City for a few days to see the Drake concert at Madison Square Garden.
Jorden then starts high school on August 15th.
We continue to give thanks for his health, and are so grateful that he can enjoy his summer, and everyday life, without worry.
Our constant love and prayers go out to Coach John as he continues his “journey”.