Jorden feels well and is doing well. It is hard to believe that he has only 6 weeks left of middle school. And High School is just around the corner.
We met yesterday with Dr. Sutphin. It was a very positive visit. Because of all of the imaging in March, and the fact that Jorden is over 3 years in remission, we will not need to scan again until October.
Also in October, along with the PET/CT, they will do a series of tests to again check his heart, hearing, skin, etc., anything the radiation and chemo might at some point effect.
We are not going to let our minds even entertain those what ifs, we are just moving forward with our milestones and daily celebrations.
* May 19th, two years since his last surgery.
* May 20th, he will celebrate with his 8th grade class at Universal’s Gradventure.
* May 21st, Jorden will walk in the Runway for Hope.
* May 31st, 4 years since his big surgery in Houston. Yes, 4 years!
All is definitely Well!