While the doctors are waiting for the barium to clear, they are encouraging him to eat.
They feel that the solid food will latch onto the barium in the intestine lining, and help to flush it out.
They also want to see how he tolerates solid food.
Jorden’s first reaction to eating a regular diet was “no, I’m good”, but the GI doctors want him to eat.
They are wanting him to start with soft foods, but also progress to a regular diet tonight. This way, when they scan, they can see exactly what happens on a normal day in Jorden’s intestines.
Jorden has already walked several laps this morning. He continues to drink Ensure. They are taking him off the IV.
We hope to be ready for that MRE tomorrow.
The doctors are hopeful by his current progress that we can walk out of here without surgery; they just need this test to have the data to make the right and final decision.