Jorden is now allowed to drink liquids.
The goal is to drink and move the contrast through while giving him some very needed nutrients. We will need to monitor to make sure that as we add liquids, that he does not feel pain.

The MRE can not be performed until the barium contrast is cleared out.

Doctor discussion recap:
If Jorden had a full blockage, our hand would be forced, and surgery would be needed.
Because it is a partial, now it becomes “what’s the best decision”.
The best decision can not be made without all of the information. Scanning and gathering the information will take a little bit of time.
Once we have the specifics, what do we do?
We still know it is a partial. With a partial, liquids pass through. Jorden does not want to leave the hospital on a liquid only diet.
Surgeons do not want to operate unless necessary, more surgery causes more adhesions.
How bad is the partial, is it caused from adhesion or thickened intestine. We still don’t know.

The camera pill is not a good scan. Because it could get stuck. There are now dissolvable camera pills just for that reason. But could we wait out another few days in the event it did.

This is the information that we know tonight. We hope to move forward with the MRE tomorrow.