First the doctors will image and see if the contrast is still in his intestine.
Next, more imaging. Two tests on the table are an MRE, and a camera pill that you swallow that takes pictures all the way through.

Surgery is still a possibility: if the obstruction is partial, but it prevents him from going home and eating and drinking, it will need to be done. We need good facts today to make big decisions.

Four years ago today, Jorden was given the opportunity to live. He was of course sick, and on March 21st 2012, was approved by Dr. Hayes-Jordan for his cancer resection surgery and chemo bath. Logically we know that side effects exist. It is sad that these obstructions are the exchange for a healthy cancer free life.

Jorden is sleeping now. He does not yet know the plan for today. He had a late night. We were walk racing at 1am, he watched Jerry McGuire with Alondra, and asked both the nurse and me if we would drink the stomach output for a billion dollars. So far that money is still up for grabs…