Things have been going well. Jorden continues to do well in school, he continues to enjoy spending time with his friends and he really had a great season with his Windy Ridge Basketball team.
On March 2nd Jorden returned to his travel baseball team. And this past weekend took part in the first tournament of their season. It was great to see all of the kids and parents again, and Jorden had a good first day back. Unfortunately, on Saturday evening we had to make our way for an unwanted stay at Arnold Palmer hospital.
Jorden had an intestinal blockage caused by his adhesions, and it was not a fun time. Jorden was sanitized, placed in a gown, placed on the pediatric special care floor, and was told that he needed to be prepped for surgery. Fortunately, the NG tube and process that the doctors go through to alleviate the pressure on his intestines worked, and Jorden is now back at school, feeling well, and eating his favorites – Carrabbas and Chipotle.
At one point when we spoke with the doctors, we spoke about Jorden just wanting to be normal, and live a normal life. One of the specialists very quickly replied with, “Jorden, you are not normal! You are a miracle who now has thickened intestines and scar tissue from the treatment and surgeries. Understand the miracle that you are, how impressed we are to know you, and this intestinal thing is something that you have to best manage”. He reassured Jorden that the longer he can go without surgery, the better he is, and he confirmed that the scans from his last blockage in July are exact to this one. He said that is very positive, it means no new scar tissue.
So we are back to our “normal”. Jorden returned to school, he has baseball practice Saturday, and Life is Good!