Princeton scanned today. Dr. Sutphin was concerned because the earlier scan showed a spot on the outer bone, and a second spot on the inner bone. The concern was that there might be a primary tumor elsewhere that was responsible for these two spots. Today Princeton showed no primary, and the spots were less intense. They are thrilled with this news, and are on their way home to let Princeton rest. Thank you for praying for him!

And of course, Thank you, as Always, for praying for Jorden. We are so thankful and excited to celebrate December 21st, Jorden’s 4th year anniversary of his diagnosis. With such grim statistics of his cancer, we excitedly celebrate every anniversary!

We look forward to December 21st knowing that we are so Blessed that Jorden is happy, healthy, in school, around his friends, playing baseball, enjoying life.

We meet with Dr. Sutphin in early January to schedule Jorden’s next PET Scan. This should be Jorden’s last PET, another milestone that we can’t wait to embrace.

Happy Holidays to All. Thank you for being in our lives, thank you for always holding us in prayer!