Jorden’s next CT scans have been scheduled for December 9th. We have quickly graduated from scans every three months, to every four months, and now to every six months. As exciting as that is, a part of me would love to have more constant reassurance 🙂

This December’s scan and doctor visit will be our first follow up with the long term team, and not with Dr. Sutphin.  Again, this is all good news, it means that we are in the exact place we want to be, in December we will be 3 1/2 years in remission, and moving forward strong!

This Fall Jorden tried out for a new travel ball baseball team and they have their first game on Saturday September 26th. He is excited to be part of this new team and is looking forward to playing with his friend Johnny P, who he has not played with in a while.

Joanne, Jorden and Grandma Josephine flew up North and spent last weekend with family in New Jersey.  We celebrated a cousin’s 100th birthday, which was amazing, and what added to the specialness of the day was meeting so many people who had never met Jorden and who have been praying for him.

I want to thank my cousins for such a nice weekend, we look forward to the 101st birthday celebration here in Orlando!