This has been an emotional week. The passing of Cole is very difficult for Jorden, and all of us.  What is so sad is knowing that there are so many Coles and so many Jordens out there.  Fighting for a cure, fighting to live their lives – cancer free and healthy.

Since Jorden’s diagnosis, I have spent many nights wide awake, researching Jorden’s cancer, looking for any updates or new treatments, or new survivor stories.  Unfortunately, there is not a lot of “new”.

I continue to stay in contact with his surgeon (Dr. Hayes Jordan) and oncologist (Dr. Anderson) from Houston, asking if there is a new pill, or anything preventative that we can do.  During our visit to Houston this summer, we were very excited with Dr. Hayes Jordan’s research, and the fact that she finally is able to replicate Jorden’s disease in mice. This week I had a great discussion with Dr. Anderson – the basis was whether or not to try something that could potentially work as a proactive, preventative treatment.   The fear with introducing anything new is that it might backfire instead of help.  So at this point, we remain thankful for Jorden’s health and success, and continue to pray that he remains cancer free.

In honor of Cole’s memory, I would like to share this video with you made by Tom Mitchell, a father who lost his daughter to cancer.  His words are impactful, and I hope you support his fight. He runs marathons to bring awareness and raise money for his mission. This year he is running a 200 mile ultra marathon in Tahoe, and is dedicating each mile to a child, mile 22 is for Cole.