Cole lost his battle yesterday.  According to the post, he peacefully transitioned while in his mom’s arms. My heart is broken for her. Even though I am in this fight too, I can not imagine the feeling of loss that she must be experiencing. When I spoke to Laura last, she said the best way for Jorden to honor Cole, would be to live his life, enjoying each day.

Laura has been an amazing support and advocate to not only me, but hundreds. On Cole’s site, “Cole’s quest to meet Jimmy Fallon” you can see both Laura and Cole interviewed on February 16th as they attended a rally demanding more funding for research for pediatric cancer.  (And yes, Cole accomplished his quest to meet Jimmy Fallon)

Thank you Laura for all that you have done and continue to do for all of us on this life altering road.  And thank you Cole for being a big brother and hero to so many.  Your ability to push through any obstacle and face all challenges with such grace and strength reassured us when we were unsure and afraid. May God have you close to him, always.