As you know, we met Laura and Cole Owens while in Houston three years ago. Cole was diagnosed with the same cancer as Jorden and was such an inspiration to our family. He was the first person who we met who was doing well.  Cole had his first surgery at the age of five, and then three years later when his cancer returned he had his second surgery in Houston, with Dr. Hayes Jordan.  When we met them Cole was living his life, playing soccer, and back in school.  With Jorden in the beginning phases, Cole provided Hope and made this disease conquerable. Laura his mom provided Joanne with knowledge, support, hope, love and strength.

Cole has been cancer free twice, and unfortunately has been struggling recently with its return once again.

He currently is sleeping more than awake, and on pain meds to keep him comfortable.  It breaks my heart to know the 9 1/2 year struggle that he has endured and that he is scared and in pain these last days.  Please pray for Cole and Laura.  You can read more about his story and his journey on his Facebook page.

Posted by Joanne

Comfort me with Your love O God, Wrap me in Your strong embrace, My Hope begins in You.