We just finished with scans and doctors appointments, and Jorden is 100% perfectly fine.  The imaging that the radiologist saw last week did not represent itself today.  All scans were absolutely perfect.  The same radiologist reviewed both last week’s and today’s scans, and was happy to report the good news.

This morning was the first time I drove to a scan calm and at peace.  Last week as I was making the three appointments each receptionist said the same words, “the only day I have available is Wednesday the 15th”.

Each time I heard those words, I felt more comforted and confident.  Today, Wednesday July 15th would have been my grandfather’s 100th birthday.  My grandfather had so much love for me and my children and would do anything to protect and guide us.  I know God continues to bless Jorden with healing and health, and I thank everyone for your continued prayers and His mercy.

Having the reminder of my grandfather today simply makes the day even more special.

posted by Joanne