We just walked into our house, so awesome to be home!  Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  Jorden had scans today to figure out what caused his symptoms.  Thankfully, there was no sign of blockage and no need for surgery.

As we were waiting for the final evaluation and report, I asked Dr. Sutphin if he thought it was something he ate, or a flu.  His reply was no, he thought it was a GI spasm.  When the radiologist finished his review, he saw something.  Dr. Sutphin left us, and went to meet with the radiologist.

When Dr. Sutphin returned he said that it appears there may be a radiation side effect that is impairing the blood supply to the gut. Jorden will need a further test that will look at the GI blood flow.  We were not able to do the test today, because he needs to be 100 percent clear of the barium contrast that he has in him now from today’s earlier tests.

So, we are home.  Jorden will do the CT Angio early next week.  We are again hopeful that this test will be clear of issues and show a full blood supply,  and that we can once again move forward.

Tonight Jorden needs to drink water, stay hydrated and get rid of barium.  Tomorrow, he can play baseball again.

Thank you again for your constant love, support and prayers.