Jorden, Alondra and Joanne are back from their road trip adventure to New Orleans, Houston and Mobile. The first highlight of the trip was spending time with Dr. Hayes – Jordan and learning of the new advances and trials associated with desmoplastic small round blue cell tumor.  Dr. Hayes – Jordan has finally been able to replicate the disease in mice after all of these years of trying.  With this new success she can now start testing drugs.  A protein has been detected with the disease, and there is a current drug in use for another cancer, which she can now start testing on the mice.  All in all the time with her was amazing.  She was so happy to see Jorden.  She said if she passed him on the street, she would not have recognized him.  He has grown, matured, and developed into the young man that he was meant to be.

Our second highlight was spending time with Mrs. Carrabba and the Carrabba restaurant “family”.  Mrs. Carrabba is this bright light who was brought into our life when Jorden was first being treated in Houston.  She opened her arms to us, and she, her husband and son and Jason have embraced Jorden like their own.  When Jorden was feeling well while going through treatment (which wasn’t many days) he would spend some time in the restaurant, shadowing Jason. This week he spent three full days in the restaurants from mopping to hosting to taking orders to making pizzas.  He absolutely loved the time in both Rosie’s Carrabbas and Grace’s – the new family restaurant.

And lastly, we would like to thank Javier for getting the Astros tickets for us for Friday night’s game.  It was so great seeing you too, and Jorden wants to also thank you for the MLB gum.

We are finally home, are thankful for our safe and fun journey, and now look forward to Jorden’s baseball All Star week.

I can not thank the Carrabba family enough for making such a positive difference in Jorden’s life.  He wants to go to culinary school and go to college in Houston while working part time at the restaurant.