May 31st three years ago was a very stressful, scary, optimistic, prayerful day.  Jorden had his big surgery where he had 280 tumors removed, lost his spleen, lost part of his diaphragm, lost the tail of his pancreas.  He also underwent the “chemo bath”, came out of surgery with a feeding tube, blisters across his stomach, a lot of pain, and Hope.

As we fast forward to today, we see the result of all of the hard work.  Jorden’s hard work of going through all of the treatment, the doctor’s hard work of coming up with the right plan to get him healed, his teacher’s hard work in coming up with the right strategy to keep him on grade level so that he could stay in the grade with his friends, and the hard work of our community, family and friends who have been there for us from day one.

Today we all share in the celebration of Jorden’s third birthday.  Visualize the huge cake for all, and Jorden making a wish as he blows out the candles.

With my older son Derrick celebrating his 23rd birthday yesterday.  I am so happy and blessed to celebrate this special weekend with both of my boys!