Jorden is now testing this Wednesday in school, to accommodate his exams, his CT has been moved to 10:30am on Friday May 22nd.

We are excited and hopeful that he will have clear scans, and feel very optimistic about things.  Dr. Sutphin will not be in that Friday, so we are not sure when he will be able to call with the results.

Tomorrow we will go out to dinner to celebrate the fact that Jorden has gone an entire year without needing a surgery.  This is such an accomplishment, and another milestone in his complete and full recovery.

Jorden finishes his 7th grade school year in just two weeks, on June 3rd.  That following Sunday he, Joanne and Alondra (Derrick’s girlfriend) will take a road trip to Houston.  This will be Jorden’s first trip to Houston since February 14th, 2012.  and his first time in Houston not as a patient – but as a tourist.

We are so excited for a fun, care free summer.  This will be the first one in four years.