Today is a day of reflection and thanks.  I am so thankful to be able to share today with my two sons Derrick and Jorden.

For both of my boys to be healthy and happy is all that a mom can hope for – I am grateful to have these blessings and look forward to many more Mother’s Day celebrations with my children.

Jorden continues to live an active and normal life.  He consistently does well in school, and of course enjoys playing baseball as well as spending time with friends.

On May 19th we will celebrate going an entire year without needing a surgery.  We see this milestone as a big step.  On the next day May 20th Jorden has his quarterly CT scans.  We look forward to clear scans.  We are making plans for a fun summer.  If all goes well, this will be Jorden’s first summer in four years without having surgery.

Thank you for always praying for Jorden and our family.  We are truly blessed by your love and prayers.

Happy Mother’s day to all!!