Today was a long day, but a great day.

Jorden had three different scans.  The report states that the imaging showed no recurrent lesions, no new tumor, or no new soft tissue neoplasm.  All great news, a clean bill of health.  Dr. Levy, Dr. Justi and Dr. Sutphin all commented on Jorden’s healthy appearance and strength.  They are just thrilled to see him and his continued recovery.

Thank you all for always thinking of us, and thank you for keeping Jorden in your prayers.  We are excited that he remains in remission; it is such a relief.  Thank you God!

Jorden will scan again in four months.

As we were leaving, Dr. Sutphin reminded Jorden not to worry about the possibility of adhesions, or anything else – just to Live Life.  Which is awesome, because that is just what we want to do!

Posted by Joanne