Jorden has had a fabulous start of the new school year.  He enjoys being with his friends, he is doing well in all of his classes, and he looks forward to the weekends.  We had a very nice weekend over Labor day with the Mills family in St Pete and look forward to a weekend in Palm Bay and Melbourne this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

Despite all of the normal stuff, Jorden has his four month scans tomorrow morning.  Even though we are confident that all scans will be clear, it is always stressful as we approach these scan dates.  This weekend, I enjoyed a few bags of M&Ms  Today Jorden came home early from school with stomach pains.

He feels fine now, and just asked that Nelson and I go outside with him and play soccer  So, I am cutting this post short, and will run around outside before it gets too dark.

As I see Jorden each day, I always think of Maya Angelou’s saying -“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”.

May God continue to Bless us all.

Posted by Joanne