July has been a busy month for Jorden.  We started off the month with a wonderful week in Hilton Head. thanks to Gregg Russell and his organization, the Hilton Head Heroes.  We were invited up to the Hero House through Arnold Palmer Hospital, and can not thank everyone enough for working hard to ensure that we had such an enjoyable, and restful week.  Our host family, the Caporal’s, met us at the Sea Pines welcome center and then brought us to the Hero Home.  The house was gorgeous, and was in such a perfect location.

Bike’s Plus then delivered bikes to us, and we truly enjoyed riding to breakfast and the beach each day.  We want to thank all of the restaurants and partners who donate to the House, because of them we were able to enjoy wonderful meals at Aunt Chilada’s, Captain Woody’s, Crazy Crab, Guiseppi’s pizza, Harbour Town Bakery and Café, and the Smoke House.  We also enjoyed the wonderful cookies as our welcome gift by the Hilton Head Cookie Company, good thing for the bike rides…..

Because Jorden was only six weeks post surgery we had to be careful with some activities, kayaking was something the doctors did not want him to do because of the potential twisting motion, but a calm ride on jet ski was doctor approved, and thank you to Palmetto Water sports for allowing Jorden to have such a fun ride. Captain Dave from the Yacht Club of Hilton Head, was very kind as well to take us out on his private boat – thank you!  You were truly a highlight to Jorden’s week.  Rita’s Italian Ice was the perfect afternoon treat after a nice game of putt putt at Adventure Cove.  And on our last night, we had our first movie with a dog experience at Park Plaza Cinemas.

It was hard leaving paradise, but we had another special week in store for Jorden.

Because this was Jorden’s third summer in a row “ruined” as he called it because of surgery or treatment, I wanted to plan something special for him before school started.  I asked him what would make it a great summer, to make up for all that he has gone through.  He said to zipline by waterfalls and caves.  At first I thought of the Sanford Zoo, but knew very quickly that that idea  would not work.  So I researched where you could zipline by caves and waterfalls, and found Belize, and so I booked a cruise.  I then went to see the Fault in Our Stars, and felt more confident with my quick decision.  So last week we took a cruise and Jorden had the opportunity to snorkel and drive a jeep on the beach in Mexico, tube through a crystal cave and zip line by a waterfall in Belize, and take part in the Amazing Race in Cozumel.  We had a great trip.  It could not have been more perfect.   Unfortunately on the cruise Jorden experienced pain in his knee, and this pain since being home, has gotten worse.  Today he had an Xray of both his hip and knee, we are still waiting on the results.  Jorden also has a lymph node by his neck that is bothering him, and we will ultra sound that area on Friday.

I am confident that all is okay, and know that these tests are precautionary.  Jorden is doing well, in great spirits and continues to be Blessed with family, good friends and great health.


posted by Joanne

Update    Scans are clear for both his hip and knee!!