Jorden has had a busy week at home.  It is hard for him not to go outside and play basketball, but he is occupying his time so that he can get better. He finally feels great again, and is eating without restriction. 

Jorden was able to go back to school on Tuesday June 3rd – just in time to finish up the last two days of the 6th grade with his friends.  I would like to thank everyone at WindyRidge for always being there for us. His teachers, administrators, and friends are such an important part of his healing. 

Today, Jorden went in to work with me and met for the first time the many people at OakRidge who have been praying for him these two and a half years.  It was such an emotional moment as Mrs. Forsberg hugged and wept over him.  She was so happy to meet him, and see him so well.  It made me pause and reminded me of the many people who have never met Jorden, but continue to pray for him.

Thank you to everyone for being such an important part of Jorden’s life.   Those of you who know him, or know of him.  We are forever thankful to you.


posted by Joanne