Today we celebrate Derrick’s 22nd birthday and I can’t help thinking back to his 20th birthday two years ago when we were all in Houston preparing for Jorden’s big surgery.  I know it was such a terrible time in our lives, but when I visualize it, I see a hospital room full of love and laughter. 

My cousins David and Jennifer, Derrick and Alondra, myself, Jorden and Nelson all somehow found a place in that small hospital room to lay our heads as we prepared for Jorden’s 6am surgery.  His grandparents opted to stay in a local hotel (imagine that), and arrived to the surgery room as they prepped Jorden that following morning.

It feels so long ago, and it feels like yesterday. 

Last year at this time Jorden had to have surgery due to adhesions and it’s unfortunate that he just had surgery again.  These adhesions are no joke, and they will continue to impact him.  Last night I was on line looking at the complications, risks and new approaches to deal with them,  and will continue to do so and consult with the doctors, until we find a better solution.  This is now his third surgery in 18 months because of intestinal blockages from adhesions. 

Jorden continues to recover from this last surgery, he gets better each day, and.will go back to school on Tuesday to finish the year with his friends.  We will have a quiet June so he can continue to recover, and will look forward to our vacation planned for July 4th week in Hilton Head.  Dr. Sutphin said Jorden will be free to do any activity by then.

Jorden will start the 7th grade on August 18th, and his next scan is planned for September 16th. 


Posted by Joanne