Jorden continues to recover from surgery and progress.   Being in the hospital is never fun, but Jorden feels comfortable with all who are caring for him and is feeling well.  Today they are transitioning him from IV fluids and IV pain meds, to food and tablets.  As long as things go well, and he continues to eat and drink without pain, we should be home tomorrow or the next day.

Once home. Jorden will need to take things slow, and rest.  He will need six to eight weeks to heal properly

We are so thankful to all of you for your ongoing thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  We feel your love and strength everyday.

In closing this post, I need to mention my grandma Frances  My grandmother was so important and significant to me, she passed away three years ago today.  She had an amazing life filled with family, friends, love, and her Faith.  Grandma, thank you for being by my side each day and for watching over us – always.


posted by Joanne