Celebrating Mother’s Day today with both of my children, Derrick and Jorden was simple and wonderful.  We had such a nice day, and I know that I am so fortunate and Blessed.  We are now 2 1/2 years into Jorden;s journey, and the appreciation of each family moment, laugh, or smile still prevails.

Jorden celebrated a big milestone yesterday.  He took his last preventative chemo pills. The doctors feel that he no longer needs them, and from this point forward his only daily meds are the preventative penicillin pills that he will take until he reaches 18.  This was prescribed two years ago after the removal of his spleen.   We have come a long way since December 2011, and we are so grateful for each step forward, each milestone. 

Jorden continues to enjoy school and continues to do well in all of his classes.  Froyo Friday has become a tradition, where several of his friends walk home with him after school, and then they all walk to CVS and Froyos after a few games of basketball at the house. Jorden also continues to enjoy baseball and being with his DP little league friends.  It was so appropriate that Jorden took his last lunch chemo pill at the DP little league field yesterday, and his last night time pill at the Petit’s house while we had dinner with the Petits and Mills’ families. 

Jorden will still need to scan every four months.  His next scan date is June 16th, with a visit to Dr. Sutphin on the 17th.  We continue to thank God and trust Him that all will continue to go well, and that we will continue to celebrate the simple moments of each day.  As I type this, I hear Jorden and his friend Sean screaming at the TV as they watch the basketball playoffs  Just joyful!  Happy Mother’s day to all of the moms, and thank you all for your support and continued prayers.


Posted by Joanne