February 13th is met with mixed emotions.  Two years ago my father had a sudden stroke and passed away, while Jorden was in the hospital undergoing chemo.  That was a very difficult time for our entire family, but we have been blessed by my dad’s protection from above.

Last Feb 13th we had our final meeting with Jorden’s Houston medical team, and returned to Orlando. Despite being on a daily chemo pill,  Jorden has a full, normal and active life.

As hard as the loss of my dad is on my family, we know he has been by Jorden’s side this entire time and leaving Houston for the seventh and last time was a huge accomplishment.

Jorden’s next test is a PET scan this upcoming Monday at 11am, we get the results on Tuesday at 3pm when we meet with Dr. Sutphin.  Please keep Jorden in your prayers.   We look forward to the day that Jorden is declared Fully Healed, so that my dad can sit back in Heaven, smile, work on his crossword puzzle, and rest.

Posted by Joanne