2014 has started off very well for Jorden.  Although he was in the hospital over Christmas break, he is still healthy and strong.  He returned back to school on January 6th, and attended the basketball tryouts for his school.  After three days of cuts, he was excited that he made it through each round, and made the team.  He attends practice each morning before school, and even though he developed bronchitis, he is well now, and continues to look forward to practice and his games.

Jorden turns 12 tomorrow, January 27th  It is such a pleasure to see him so happy and healthy.   Last year we were packing and getting ready for a Houston trip.  He had surgery on Jan 30th a year ago. it is already two years now when you all rallied to send Jorden birthday cards. Those birthdays now feel sooo long ago.

Jorden was scheduled to scan on January 20th, but because he was just in the hospital four weeks ago, we are holding off til February 17th.  We expect and pray that this upcoming PET scan is clear, and once so, we will PET scan every year.  We will continue to CT scan every three months.

Happy Birthday Jorden  – Enjoy a well deserved and earned 12th birthday!

Posted by Joanne