As we wait for the New Year to ring in, we would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and blessed 2014.

Earlier as I spoke to my mom, she said that she wished us a much better New Year.  My reply, was ‘Why?  this was a good year for us.”  after thinking a bit more, I remember that Jorden started 2013 with stomach pains from adhesions, he then had surgery in Houston on January 30th to fix those plus remove the last tumor, he then was in the hospital in May for a partial blockage, had surgery in June due to a full blockage, and we were just in the hospital again last week, with a partial blockage and pancreatitis.

When you write it down, it looks  like a lot.  But the year that I remember was flying home from Houston February 2013 knowing that we might not need to go back, Jorden returning to school in April and able to attend his fifth grade dance in May, Jorden playing baseball again after his June surgery and recovery, buying Jorden skinny jeans as we shopped for school clothes in August, seeing Jorden’s face as we walked into Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play, Jorden making posters as part of his campaign for class representative, Jorden cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, spending our holidays home – with friends and family.

This was a good year.  Jorden remains cancer free –  in remission, he is active and has adjusted back in school.  We are looking forward to a better year, as we gratefully thank God for all of our family, friends,  health and blessings.