Since our last post months ago, Jorden has enjoyed leading a regular and normal life.  He has returned to school. and continues to spend time playing baseball, and hanging out with his friends.  What reminds us that we still lead a bit of a different life, are times like this week, when Jorden has to rescan. and our minds begin to worry and wander.

Thankfully, Jorden’s three CT scans were clear, and we celebrate maintaining life cancer free.   We are thankful that God continues to have mercy on him and holds him so close to his heart.

Jorden is excited to spend time with his friends this upcoming Halloween; he is also looking forward to Thanksgiving break,  as well as our upcoming vacation planned to the Poconos for Christmas break and New Years.

We have spent so much time having to live moment to moment, it is exciting to actually look forward with confidence and make plans.

Our next scan date will be January 24th, a PET scan here in Orlando.  Jorden will turn 12 on January 27th.

Thank you to all of our family and friends for you ongoing love, prayers and support.  You mean so much to us, and we are so happy to share a post with good news.

Posted by: Joanne