On Friday we drove to Tampa/St Pete to enjoy a fun-filled baseball weekend, and that is exactly what happened.  The Tampa Bay Rays played the Houston Astros and we were able to take in all three games.  There were many great moments and  highlights of the weekend.

Thank you Mr. Vaughn and Coach Joe Madden for your ongoing graciousness and kindness towards Jorden and our family.  You have been on this journey with us, and you make these wonderful experiences for us, and we are so grateful.  Thank you Javier Bracamonte and Jose Altuve from the Astros organization for the signed bat, you put the biggest smile on Jorden’s face  – he was soooo happy and excited.

It was also so nice to see Carlos Pena, Matt Joyce and David Price again and for Jorden to have field access during their pre game practices to talk to the players and get autographs.  On Saturday, as Evan Longoria was signing a baseball card, he touched Jorden’s shoulders and even rubbed his shoulder on Jorden’s back hoping for good luck in the game.  Before one game last season Mr. Longoria touched Jorden’s shoulder as he walked by him in the locker room, and then hit three home runs in that one game.  I guess some good luck rubbed off, because after losing Friday night, the Rays did win both Saturday’s and Sunday’s games.

We are now back home, and are planning for the PET scan Tuesday morning.  Jorden needs to hold off on one of his meds and can only eat protein from now until the scan.  Jorden really doesn’t enjoy the day before PET scans, he can’t chew gum, drink anything but water, and eat normally.  He also has to keep activity to a minimum.  So we will have a low key movie day which will be just perfect after our busy weekend.

Our next update will be Thursday, once we have the results of his scan.  We have complete Faith that all will be well, and thank you for your ongoing love and prayers.

Posted by: Joanne