Jorden has been improving each day.  Each day he feels a bit better than the last, and he is looking forward to going home.  Right now the plan is for him to go home on Wednesday.

Jorden passes his time by watching Grey’s Anatomy, the cooking channel, movies, and walking around the floor to keep up his strength   His appetite is slowly coming back and he is no longer on pain meds.

Jorden was saddened today when he was told that he could not play baseball for 6 weeks. The six weeks is to allow his core to heal.  The simple motion of swinging a bat as well as the risk of being hit in the stomach with a ball are on hold.  He was sad and said that his summer was ruined, but after some time to process, and put things in perspective, he had a good day.

Although contact sports and baseball wont be in Jorden’s immediate future, his family and friends are.  This time last year he was recovering from surgery in Houston, he had a feeding tube and we were preparing ourselves for the 8 weeks of chemo and radiation post surgery.

This will be a much better summer, for sure!

Posted by; Joanne