Jorden woke up this morning, changed from his hospital gown to shorts and a shirt, and walked ten laps around the hospital floor.  He has had a good day, and is recovering nicely.  Jorden had a tube in his nose, which was pumping the contents our from his stomach, that tube was also removed.  He can not eat or drink yet, but has an appetite and anxiously awaits the moment they say he can drink and eat.

We also received the pathology report.  Thankfully, the five tumors along his abdominal wall that were removed during surgery, were benign  What a blessing and relief, no words can describe our emotions.

Jorden continues to be cancer free, he now has ‘adhesion free’ intestines, and even though we have a PET scan scheduled for July 16th,  he is looking forward to a hospital free summer.

Jorden had walked four more times since this morning, and enjoyed a visit from his friends Johnny, Jaxon and Jarrett.

I would like to ask for special prayers today for our family friend, Princeton.  Princeton was diagnosed Dec 22nd, a day after Jorden, and the boys have spent much time together here at the hospital.  Princeton relapsed yesterday, and our heart breaks for their entire family.  I was sitting with them when I received the good news on Jorden’s pathology report earlier today.  I was so relieved, but at the same time, felt so bad knowing what challenges they have in front of them.  They told me not to feel bad, they said that knowing that Jorden remains well, brings them hope.  And they were happy to be there with me, because they just needed a little more hope today.

The Bryan family has always inspired us, they have such immense faith and strength, please pray for them too.

Posted by: Joanne