As a kid, I always loved roller coasters, but this is ridiculous……

Jorden had such a wonderful three weeks back at home; playing ball, going to school and spending time with friends.  He especially enjoyed this past week where on May 30th we celebrated Derrick’s 21st birthday, and then Friday May 31st where we celebrated the one year anniversary of his big surgery.  Friday was such a wonderful day.  Jorden had his fifth grade awards celebration and dance, and then afterwards had a fun-filled evening at FunSpot with his classmates and friends.

On Monday the rollercoaster started climbing back up, and we found ourselves back at Arnold Palmer Hospital.  Jorden has a complete blockage in his small intestine and has been in terrible pain.  The doctors said they will  complete one last scan tomorrow at five in the morning and barring a miracle, we should plan on having surgery.

This is not caused by something he ate or didn’t eat, there is something on the outside of the intestine pinching the small intestine shut.  They are expecting that it is scar tissue, we will know for sure tomorrow.

We know that this is minimal compared to what he has had to handle and face, but still he is scared and of course in lots of pain.

Oh, Heavenly Father, We hold up to you Jorden. We raise him in prayer and ask Lord that you comfort him, protect him in his every waking moment. May he always feel and know your presence, even at his lowest. Father, bring healing to his young body. We ask and pray for your loving kindness to surround him and us at this time. Lord may you bring us the peace that surpasses all understanding. Give us hope and courage so that we may find strength to take each day at a time. I ask for a miracle that will glorify You, fulfills Your will, and points others to You. We ask this in Jesus name Amen.

So Lord, I wait. I wait in faith… acknowledging You are in control.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson