Jorden has been doing well at home.  He is gaining weight and recovering nicely.  On Friday the 17th we started his chemo pill again.  Jorden still has not returned to school, even though he was released to return on Thursday the 16th.  He feels uneasy about being there all day.  We decided today to return to the half day schedule.  He only has two weeks left, so this should work out well.  He will then have the summer to feel 100% before starting middle school.

Jorden missed a few games while being in the hospital, but was able to play in his last two games to finish the Little League season.  He played well and continues to enjoy being on the field with his teammates and friends,  Even though Little League is over, Jorden will still play travel ball, as well as practice his pitching at home.

We follow-up with Dr. Sutphin on May 30th, and we have his next PET scan scheduled for July 16th.

Posted by: Joanne