Jorden has improved each day.  Yesterday he had clear scans, his tube was removed, his IV removed, and he was able to start drinking water and gatorade.  He then progressed to a soft diet for dinner, and will be able to eat a regular diet today.

He is up and walking, and was just weighed.  He is disappointed that he lost 8 pounds, he said that he worked hard to gain that weight.  Regardless, he will gain his strength once again, and move forward.

He just ordered breakfast, and will be monitored for the day.  Once the drs are 100 percent comfortable, we will head home.

The Drs are discussing the dose of his chemo pill, and will decide to continue with current dosage or to reduce – The pill May cause inflamation to the intestine, and we want to find the right balance

Thank you for all of your prayers, posts, texts, cards and calls.  Jorden’s nurse last night reminded me of how blessed we are, and she attributes a lot of his recovery to family and friend support.  Thank God for his blessings .and thank you for being there for us always!