This morning it appeared that Jorden was heading for surgery.  Even though he had the tube in his nose, he was still vomiting and the blockage appeared to be full, not a partial.  As time passed today,  he stopped getting sick, required minimal morphine, and as of right now – he appears to be on the mend.  When we spoke with Dr. Sutphin earlier, we spoke how we were on an obvious path towards surgery, and how things were now looking like we might be able to avoid it.  Sutphin said, “that’s what happens when God intervenes”  What an amazing testimony, we continue to pray that his body continues to heal.  All of the prayers were heard, so amazing to see miracles happen right in front of you.

Even though he has taken a turn for the positive, we still have a long way to go.  Jorden  has had no food or drink since Sunday night, still has the NT tube, he still is a day or two away from being allowed to drink water or clear liquids, he then will be able to progress to a clear diet and eventually a regular diet.  Jorden still needs to be able to go to the bathroom, to show full body function.

Good signs, Jorden is hungry – he is actually watching “Chopped”, and is saying that he wants food.  Jorden has also been awake most of the day, and has had minimal pain in comparison to the first few days.

Things that have been frustrating – his IV blew today, so they had to redo it and it is now in his right hand, his pitching hand.  The sight of the blown IV is tender and a bit painful.  Jorden’s throat hurts from all of the purging and the NT tube, and Jorden was sad that he missed his class field trip on Monday – he was hoping they could reschedule…..

Overall, we are in a great place today, in comparison to the first 72 hours. We are hopeful that he continues to heal, and that he can return home and to the baseball field where he belongs.

Posted by: Joanne