As we met with Dr, Sutphin today he was pleased with Jorden’s progress, but reiterated that it will be the surgeons ultimate decision if he will require surgery.  Jorden’s small intestine was so stretched that we need to see if the intestine returns to its normal size, performs as a normal intestine would, and show signs that the blockage is clear.  The blockage is probably due to scar tissue or an adhesion.

Because Jorden had surgery, radiation, and the chemo bath, he is very likely to have these again.  He had the adhesions in January that were repaired during the Jan 30th surgery, and he had a blockage right after surgery that was actually cleared compliments of C-Dif.

Today was all positive.  Jorden walked five laps this morning, felt well enough to go to the teen room, and just walked again.  He is still hooked up to the pump, which removes bile – but a great sign is that the amount is less, and he continues to feel hungry.

We expect that Jorden will go on a clear liquid diet in the next day or so, and we are hopeful that his body continues to heal.

Posted by: Joanne