Jorden’s scan results are in.  They did not see anything in the abdomen, they did see some thickening at the tail of the pancreas, they believe it is just scar tissue from when they removed part of his pancreas last May.   They also saw some spots in his lungs, they are not worried about those, they believe they are allergy or infectious driven and expect them to be gone on the next scans.

Jorden will stay on his chemo pill, he will have blood work done in Orlando monthly, and we scan again in three months.

Dr Anderson, Dr Hayes-Jordan, Holly and Laura were all impressed and thrilled with Jorden and his recovery.  They again said that they wished all of their patients were as healthy as Jorden.

Thank you for all of the prayers and great positive energy.  God continues to bless Jorden and hold him to His heart.

Posted by: Joanne