Last week as I opened the mail, and read the report from Dr. Anderson I just became full of emotion as I read the phrase, ‘Jorden Aponte is a baseball player now in remission’.    What a great sentence to see.  We knew Jorden was now cancer free, we knew life was good, but to read that sentence – just an awesome moment.

The first time I read the word remission, and learned the meaning was about 35 years ago.  When I was 12 or 13, I read the book ‘Eric’ by Doris Lund.  The book was about a teenager named Eric who was diagnosed with cancer, and the story was written by his mother.  Very few books have resonated with me, Eric was definitely one of them.  I have not thought about that book in so many years, but seeing the word remission brought me back and made me think about the mom’s story.

Remission is not the finish line, it is still part of the journey.  The next phrase we are looking forward to seeing is  ‘Jorden is a baseball player, and if finally cured’.  That day will come after a few years of being cancer free  – until then, remission is just as great!

Jorden has been able to get back to his school work, spending time with friends, and playing baseball.  He was asked to throw our the first pitch to kick off the DP Little League Fall and now, Spring season   Jorden is enjoying being out on the field, and he is getting stronger each day.  This upcoming weekend Jorden has a travel ball tournament as well as a Little League game Saturday night.

Jorden is working hard to stay on his class’s pace, and will start school part-time on April 1st.  He is excited to graduate with his fifth grade class, and move on to middle school.

Thank you to all of Jorden’s coaches and teammates who have been by his side supporting him throughout this journey, thank you to the baseball mom who won a Super Bowl bet and donated the $1000 dollars to Jorden’s medical fund, thank you to all those who tell us repeatedly how happy you are for us, thank you to our Windy Ridge family who make sure we are always part of the school events, thank you Make a Wish for the baseball tickets, thank you Michele and Wil Nieves for the signed bat.  Thank you to OCPS, OakRidge HS, Valencia and Marriott Vacations Worldwide for standing by our sides.  And thank you to all of you who follow Jorden’s blog and who pray for him.  We know we are Blessed, and part of our blessings are you all being in our lives

Posted by Joanne