Jorden has had a busy first week at home.

On Tuesday Jorden was treated like royalty at Margaritaville at Universal’s CityWalk.  The Central Florida RedHawks Baseball team hosted their second annual Playing with a Purpose Lake County Baseball Tournament to raise funds for Jorden’s medical care.  Freddy Flynn led the effort and when he heard how much Jorden just wanted a cheeseburger before last month’s surgery, he thought having a cheeseburger in ‘paradise’ was a fun way to present Jorden with the check.  Jorden enjoyed that cheeseburger as well as the fun atmosphere.  Thank you Mr. Flynn and Mr. Griffin who made Jorden, and our family feel so special.  Thank you to the entire RedHawk team, coaches and parents.  And thank you to all who donated on Jorden’s behalf.  We are very grateful.

Jorden was also excited to see Mrs. Carvalho and get back to his school work.  He really loves math, and it is very important to him to stay on pace with his class.  Jorden continues to focus on math, science and reading and should be ready to attend school April 1st.

While in Houston the Little League draft took place.  Jorden was excited to see his team.  He was not able to practice or scrimmage yet, but it was great to be out there – seeing his teammates and getting excited once again about playing ball.  On Saturday Feb 23rd, only 3 1/2 weeks after surgery Jorden joined his travel team in Longwood for a baseball tournament.  Jorden got a base hit at his first at bat, but was not able to get a second hit during the toournament.  He was very disappointed and was very hard on himself.  As  much as we told him how great it was that he was able to play in such a short time frame, he felt little consolation.

Today Jorden was invited to a baseball spring training game.  His stomach is still adjusting to med changes and he was not feeling right.  Thank you Mr. Hale for inviting him, good luck!   And we hope to see you soon.

Tomorrow Jorden is having out-patient surgery to have his port removed.  This is such an exciting time for us especially when I had to sign the paperwork and saw the reason for surgery – Disease Free.  This has been quite the 14 month journey and even though this journey still continues with follow-up appointments, meds, scans, fear of re occurrence, hope that is doesn’t!   Having his port removed is a triumph.

We have been Blessed, truly!

Posted by: Joanne