As much as we love Houston and all the good that it brings Jorden, once we received the okay to leave, we left.  We flew home yesterday, and we are so happy to be here.  Thank you Amy and Zach for greeting us at our home, and thank you Gayle, Susan, and Lisa for the balloons and goodies at the door. He were also so happy to see Cooper, Cassidy, Matty and Johnny and of course Derrick and Alondra.  Home sweet Home!

We would like to thank all of the doctors and nurses and medical teams who helped Jorden while in Texas.  Everyone worked hard to help him.  When we met with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Hayes-Jordan on the 13th we learned that they actually removed a desmoplastic tumor which was dead, and they removed a lymph node that was benign.  They saw no evidence of new cancer and they were very pleased with Jorden and his recovery.  Jorden will stay on a few preventative meds until December of this year.  And he will scan every few months.

We would also like to thank Jason and Mrs. Carrabba who always welcome us with open arms.  Your sincerity, warmth and kindness to our family is beyond words, and the smile on Jordens face as he worked with you we will remember always.  Thank you.

Now that we are back, we have a few things to do.  On Thursday we meet with the surgeon who put Jorden’s port in, to schedule the surgery to take it out.  We also meet with Dr Sutphin for a final CDiff test, Even though he is without symptom, the infectious disease team asked that he get tested to document that he is clear.

Our biggest goal is to have Jorden rest and eat well to gain weight.  He needs to gain about 12 pounds. Jorden will need scans every three months, we fly back to Houston in April and then again in July for a follow-up PET and CT.  After that, if all remains clear, we will scan here in Orlando.

Thank you for always praying and being there for us.  I wish you could have been with us yesterday. Our plane had landed in Orlando, and we were walking out of the terminal  And as we were making our way to baggage claim, Jorden walked with a bit of a skip, and to himself said so proudly and confidently, “I Beat It”   Nelson and I just smiled at him, and said “Yes, you did”.

Posted by: Joanne