Last year on this date Feb 13th a story was published  in the Orlando Sentinel about Jorden.  When I told my parents about it, my parents both said, as they had when Jorden was first diagnosed,  that they just wished God would take them and spare Jorden.  It broke their heart that he was sick, and they just prayed that he didn’t have to suffer anymore.

On Feb 13th last year, my dad went to Publix, and never returned home.  He had a major stroke and passed away.

Jorden was very, very sick a year ago.  He was not yet approved for surgery and was full of tumors.  At the end of February he showed improvement and on March 21st was approved for surgery.  Jorden started radiation on my dad’s birthday, June 28th and as he slept during the treatment, saw my dad, his grandfather in his dream.  Today, after a lot of chemo and radiation treatments, and the two surgeries, he is finally cancer free.

I am not sure how the afterlife works, but I do know this.  My dad loved his family immensely.  As much as he would have enjoyed today, knowing that Jorden was well and will able to move forward with his life,  I know in my heart that he has been instrumental in his recovery and is enjoying this day too.

Losing my dad was very hard for Jorden, he was in mid chemo and was scared of dying himself.  We were not able to be with my mom or attend his funeral.  Knowing that a year later Jorden is okay, makes the overwhelming sadness of last year a bit easier.  We love you Grandpa, and know that just as in life, you will always be watching over us, loving us, praying for us, and protecting us – your family.

Posted by: Joanne