Jorden woke up this morning singing “good morning, good morning, it’s a wonderful beautiful day”. It was such a great feeling hearing him wake up in such good spirits. He ordered breakfast, walked several laps, and has been having a quiet day in the hospital today. Playing on his I-pad, Kindle and passing the time watching movies and TV.

He is still anxiously waiting to be released, but before that can happen we need to get this CDiff under control. Earlier, we met with the hospital’s director of infectious disease.  Jorden is not responding to the standard CDiff treatment as well as hoped, and they want the director to weigh in and recommend another treatment plan.  They also took some Xrays of his colon.   Despite that, he has an appetite and  is eating small portions at each meal.

Thank you for your continued prayers, I believe we need one more strong night of prayer to get past this last hurdle.

Posted by: Joanne