We are seven days post surgery, and Jorden is improving each day, even though Jorden may not feel like he is.  Jorden has been “cleansing” all the bile and build up that have accumulated in his stomach and intestines.  He has thrown up three or four times and has had to use the bathroom frequently.

Yesterday morning the doctors took a stomach X-Ray because he was very bloated, despite very little food intake..  They then put him on a clear liquid diet, which he is still on.  The X-Ray showed that he has an ileus, which is a blockage due to the pain meds.

Despite all that, he walked twice yesterday and watched an entire season of the Big Bang Theory on TV.

He is still having stomach cramping and pain, but since all of the purging, the pain is now tolerable.

Jorden has his moments of feeling sad, he will make a comment that he just wants to be normal, and that he wishes this year never happened.  But overall, he remains positive and looks forward to being back home with family and friends.

Posted by: Joanne