This weekend has been more difficult for Jorden.  The pain had not been 100% in control, and he feels frustrated and sometimes sad.

The epidural was removed yesterday morning and he is now on a morphine pump.  He has pain in his stomach, and has stated he can’t get through this here, without Derrick, Alondra and his friends.

When the wave of pain passes, he spends time watching TV and playing on his I-pad.  Right now we are waiting for them to de-access his port and put an IV in his arm, hoping he feels more comfortable.

Yesterday Jorden completed three laps around the hospital floor, he as usual walked with speed and focus.  He wants to get home, he said he misses the smell of the grass at the baseball field.

He also said he can’t go through this a third time, and asked me to promise that he never has to have surgery again.

We are hoping for a better night tonight, and an even better day tomorrow.

The nurses and doctors have reassured him that the pain is normal, his stomach functions are awakening.  He had a few bites of mac and cheese yesterday, and today had a handful of Cheerios.  We are hoping he takes a few bites of dinner.

Posted by: Joanne